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On the other hand, the little les mis italian community is pretty chill, has no shipping wars and no one that I know hates Cosette! /o/
It seems like the only ones who hate Cosette are occasional fans.

A curious thing happens whenever you mention the Les Mis fandom to anyone who is not part of it. Hordes of people going “But is a classic novel! How dare you. Victor Hugo is spinning in his grave”, etc.

Though it was in a discussion with some of these people that I first knew of a community of Italian fans outside the ones that I knew here on tumblr and on other social networks.

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It’s kinda difficult for me reading any fic in italian for TPOTO.

Me: *reading* I’m enjoying this fic so far, that’s reall-

Fic: *suddendly Raoul becomes a jerk, Christine has a mental age of 3 and, for some reason, everyone forgets that Erik has a freaking Torture Chamber in his lair, no, he can’t do NO WRONG*

I… may sound like a holier than thou or something… but-

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Prompt no.2: Your favourite scene.
Well, my official favourite scene is the Orestes fasting, Pylades drunk moment, but that would be pretty repetitive, so I’ll go with this instead.
18:42-19:25 CET


Prompt no.2: Your favourite scene.

Well, my official favourite scene is the Orestes fasting, Pylades drunk moment, but that would be pretty repetitive, so I’ll go with this instead.

18:42-19:25 CET

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*movie announcer voice*

The Daroga, an international man of mystery. Alway keep your gun at the level of your eye.

Danana naaaa

ahem anyway…I couldn’t resist.

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lesmis69minprompts called for “fave ship” so yeaaaa I drew some old men ^-^
watercolours + coloured pencils (and proper paper this time)


lesmis69minprompts called for “fave ship” so yeaaaa I drew some old men ^-^

watercolours + coloured pencils (and proper paper this time)

A very brief guide to different interesting-looking angels.



(in descending order of rank in the angelic hierarchy)

Seraphim (singular ‘seraph’) are described as having six wings; two used to cover their face, two used to cover their feet, and two to fly. They also have a strong association with fire and may therefore be depicted as being on fire. 

Cherubim (singular ‘cherub’) have four faces: one of a man, one of an ox, one of a lion, and one of an eagle. They have four conjoined wings, each of which are covered in hundreds of eyes. They have the body of a lion and the feet of an ox, and human hands. 

Ophanim (singular ‘ophan’), also known as Thrones, are two adjacent blue-green wheel-within-a-wheels with hundreds of eyes covering their rims. They are also on fire. Ophanim often house the souls of Cherubim, and are therefore usually seen accompanying them. 

Dominions, also known as Hashmallim (singular ‘hashmal’) or Lordships, are the only angels described as appearing as beautiful humans with a single pair of wings. 

Virtues, then Authorities, come after Dominions, but neither are described in any detail.

Principalities, also known as Rulers, are described as wearing a crown and carrying a scepter of light. Not much description of their physical form is given, however.

Archangels have been frequently depicted as winged humans, but Biblical reactions to their appearances suggest that their real appearance is much more terrifying.

Angels, the lowest and largest class of angel, are described as having immensely varied forms, and so may come in all shapes and sizes,

It’s also worth remembering that most angels, in their true forms, are immensely large, and in some cases it would take several year’s journey on foot to travel from the top to the bottom of one. Also, most angels are quite luminous, and some are outright Lovecraftian in that gazing upon them may lead to blindness or insanity.  

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So tired of the ‘southern italians are pocs’ bullshit going around tumblr.


I can’t anymore with the bullshit tumblr decided is going on in my country. no. no single italian believes sicilians are black. or of color. not a single everfucking one. not even the most hateful of them all at north. the north/south debate is not relative to race or skin color, it’s not even specifically about sicily.

If we want to be more accurate neapolitans are hated much more than sicilians, like MUCH more. (I actually think sicilians are among the most loved in all the southern regions but I’m not that sure) hell consider that scene in the movie ‘Benvenuti al Sud’ that’s a comedy about southern stereotypes seen from northern italians: the northern man who’s forced to move south for a job and is all like “I need to move to south? you mean bologna?” “no more south” “roma?” “nono, southerner” and with a hopeful expression “well….sicilia?” “worse: Napoli” “NOOOOOO” which should make you think about the target of the joke: no northern italian would see sicily as even remotely the worst place to be sent, not compared to Campania (the region where Neaples is).  

what the south/north debate is:

is purely a socio-economic situation born after the risorgimento and that escalated in the 60es during the ‘miracolo economico’. it is purely based on economic factors and migration patterns and while often italians refers to the hatred as ‘racism’ the term is wrongly used as race have no factor whatsoever in this situation. At most it stems from language and culture, that are profoundly different from region to region in here, and the fact that many people at north feels they are the only one working while people from tuscany in south only “steal and slacks”. (Something that’s not true in the least of course.) It’s due to the fact that most of the industries are in the north and in the last 40 years there’s been a steady influx of immigration from southern regions in areas such as Pianura Padana and Piemonte, from people who speaks ‘differently’ (because our accents are almost unintelligible for people from other regions) who have been “stealing their jobs”. 

It should be an evidence of how not race related but socially and economically and class related all this is just by regarding the main slur used in this situation: “terrone” that now just mean ‘southerner’ in a hateful way but the term in origin meant only ‘villein’, ‘serfs’, ‘laborer’ or in general those who worked the earth. 

Other things factors in of course because it’s a really difficult situation to explain, included the presence of the various mafia organizations (‘Ndrangheta, Camorra, Cosa nostra and La Sacra corona unita) that outside may be something romantic (thanks Hollywood for that) and look cool and noble and/or something invented that doesn’t exist anymore, for us italians is a very dangerous reality that is ruining our country, that runs deep in the government making it one of the most corrupt countries in europe, that kills hundreds and hundreds of people each year. And it’s seen as a fault of ‘the south’.

It is an extremely stupid attitude from some northern people that stems almost entirely from economic factors: they feel they are the only one working and sacrificing while the ‘southerners’ enjoy their lives and are mafiosi stealing everything they have, including their jobs. 

I’ve seen people bringing to the plate the arab domination in sicily in the situation and… Oh god if you lived here you couldn’t understand how WRONG you’re being,I mean…. most of the people needs to be reminded that there’s been an arab domination in sicily? We’ve had SO MANY FUCKING DOMINATIONS in the centuries? I mean, no one call neapolitans ‘french’ only because they had french domination for a long time, nor calabreses are called ‘greeks’ because of the magna graecia… like everyone and their mothers tried to conquer us or parts of us, I don’t even remember them all, you expect people with those stupid ‘padania unita’ ideals to actually know that? it’s so fucking ridiculous I can’t even find words for it. 

It’s not even like they are the darkest of us all (if any, it’s the sardinians, but it’s not really that true either) because we are so mixed from north to south that you totally CAN’T recognize where someone’s from based on their looks. But if you hear them talking… well, that’s another thing altogether.

Let’s repeat it: Sicilians are not the ‘most discriminated against’ whatever tumblr might want you to believe. The north-south hate in italy is not due to race but economic situation.

All this stuff is embodied in the political party that’s called “Lega Nord”, that’s a party that THANKFULLY in the last elections took 4,09% of votes. You can understand how widespread this situation is just by that. Because most of the people (actually even a lot of right-winged people) thinks of ‘leghisti’ (that’s how they are called) pretty much the same way americans think of the Westboro baptist church: idiots, who talk too much loud and who are ruining everything for everyone else. 

Leghisti need to be stopped because in addition to this internal situation they are absolutely terrible and hateful with any real person of color (not tumblr-appointed-POCs, like sicilians) and immigrant as well. 


what hateful northern italians see when they look at a southern italian: a job-stealer, a slacker, a criminal, someone who speaks a totally different language, someone not educated enough

what hateful northern italians DO NOT see when they look at a southern italian: a person of color

For the record, I’m neither, I stay in that limbo called ‘centro italia’, which is seen as ‘north’ from people in the south and ‘south’ from people in the north. I’ve been called slurs from northerners.

I’ve wrote this in a haste there might be errors please correct me if I’m wrong I know several people who follow me have a lot of cool things to say about this.


"You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack!"


"You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack!"


christina and orel are my babes  (fullview pls)


christina and orel are my babes
(fullview pls)

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"That night, Quasimodo did not sleep. He had just made his last round of the church. He had not noticed, that at the moment when he was closing the doors, the archdeacon had passed close to him and betrayed some displeasure on seeing him bolting and barring with care the enormous iron locks which gave to their large leaves the solidity of a wall. Dom Claude’s air was even more preoccupied than usual. Moreover, since the nocturnal adventure in the cell, he had constantly abused Quasimodo, but in vain did he ill treat, and even beat him occasionally, nothing disturbed the submission, patience, the devoted resignation of the faithful bellringer. He endured everything on the part of the archdeacon, insults, threats, blows, without murmuring a complaint. At the most, he gazed uneasily after Dom Claude when the latter ascended the staircase of the tower; but the archdeacon had abstained from presenting himself again before the gypsy’s eyes."  -

An Awkward Friend - Notre Dame de Paris (Victor Hugo)

lol hey guys remember that one time Hugo mentions Frollo explicitly beating Quasimodo. 


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